Services Overview

Our Services.

Monthly Website Maintenance

Let us help you continually make your website every month. We can make your content updates, keep WordPress and its plugins updates, fixes crashes, add functionality, built landing pages, recommend SEO strategies, and more.

Wordpress Website Creation

We can build your next WordPress website at a fraction of what the big guys charge. Using our proven processes, your new website will come out looking beautiful AND be effective.

Email Marketing Management

Effective email marketing requires more than just a one trick pony. From the many technical aspects, to the timing of the email sends, we can professionaly manage your email campaigns and achieve maximum ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO in 2016 can be a giant task.  Don’t let it be. We can simplify for your online marketing efforts to a lean and effective campaign.

Paid Search Marketing

Not getting the ROI on your paid search campaigns needed to run your business? We can restrategize your campaigns with a fresh new take to lower ad spend and increase returns.

Web Hosting

WMS has a high-end dedicated server for our small group of clients. We can provide you with top-of-the-line hosting package for a shared hosting price.